Echo Shapes

Whether you want to deliver low-glare indirect illumination to a work surface, accentuate the verticality of the space, or directly light the exterior of a building, Echo Shapes is the solution.

This powerful luminaire offers field adjustability and, unlike similar products, repositionable light engines that leave the fixture static.

High output

Where color-over-angle isn't a priority, such as when reflecting off of wood surfaces, you can choose a high output option. This boasts efficacy of more than 100 lumens per watt delivered.

Direct orientation

Echo Shapes is available in an optional direct orientation for lighting corridors, walkways, or anywhere else direct illumination is needed.


Shield the source from view at certain angles, absorb or block unwanted light, or reflect and redirect light with optional cut-off shields and louvers.

Cut Off Shields
Cut-off Shields

Color temperature options

Choose from the following standard color temperatures or contact the factory for other CCTs:

Finish options

See chart for finish details.
Finishes below pertain to the fixture metal housing.

BAL: Brushed Aluminum
PT01: Super White
PT02: White
PT03: Morning Light
PT04: Warm White
PT05: Putty
PT06: Warm Beige
PT07: Light Taupe
PT08: Medium Taupe
PT09: Medium Gray
PT10: Dark Gray
PT11: Black
PT12: Dark Chocolate
PT13: Warm Gray
PT14: Light Gray
PT15: Sage
PT16: Spruce
PT17: Red
PT18: Deep Red
PT19: Blue
PT20: Dark Green
PT21: Pearl White
PT22: Platinum
PT27: Deep Copper
PT28: Dark Stainless
PT29: Red Brass
PT31: Medium Bronze
PT32: Dark Bronze
PT33: Dark Blue
PT40: Yellow
PT41: Orange
PT42: Sky Blue
PT43: Teal
PT44: Green
PT45: Purple
PT46: Aluminum
PT47: Deep Red Brass
PT48: Brass
PT49: Bronze
PT51: Matte White