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Zynn Metal Ring
Zynn Metal Ring

With a cross-section of just 1.25", the Zynn Metal Ring is a stunning accent in contemporary spaces. It provides comfortable, ambient lighting while delivering functional light. A seamless metal housing and bottom diffuser make this luminaire look flawless from every angle. Its refined finishes and minimalist design make it a favorite for today's architects and designers. Hang in a cluster or as a single pendant; this luminaire will add style to offices, hospitality venues, and other intimate spaces.

Echo Shapes
Echo Shapes

Too often, obstructions in the field interfere with ideal lighting design. Or architects are forced to mix and match dissimilar fixtures to achieve desired lighting distributions in a space. These problems can result in inconsistent appearance of luminaires and deviations from design intent. Echo Shapes features field adjustable modules which can each be independently changed to five distributions.

Novato Lines + Arcs

These fully-enclosed three-sided luminous forms brighten horizontal and vertical planes. They provide functional lighting with comfortable luminance levels. Strong lines yield a distinctive visual presence. The luminaires are ideal for separating open offices, providing wayfinding, or adding markings.

Lightruss Rail

A modern indirect lighting system for natatoriums, gyms, libraries, airports, open offices, cafeterias, and more! Explore the latest innovation in our suite of indirect lighting products by clicking the button below.

Pavo Large Diameter

Minimalist form meets function in this Pavo Large Diameter pendant. These pendants are the larger companions to our Pavo Luminous Cylinders, rounding out the Pavo fixture family. Available in 8”, 10”, or 12” diameters, these pendants feature an even luminous cylindrical form.

Luminous Cylinder

The Luminous Cylinder provides a sophisticated visual element for the most refined design spaces while also providing a regressed downlighting component. The evenly illuminated matte acrylic ambient diffuser provides a gentle visual warmup to the regressed downlight source. The Cylinder family is available with a bi-planar ambient finished bottom detail when no downlight component is required.

Echo 9.0 now in LED

Echo 9.0 LED harnesses the latest in LED technology to provide the lighting sophistication and superior comfort of indirect lighting. Indirect asymmetric uplighting creates a luminous ceiling that comfortably lights a space while preventing direct view of the lighting source. This fixture is ideal for lobbies, atriums, athletic facilities, and recreation areas. Echo 9.0 LED has the highest output LED in its product category at 35,529 delivered lumens, and has the smallest horizontal projection from the wall (with integral driver).

Pavo Family - Large Diameters

SPI Lighting is proud to introduce Pavo luminous cylinders in 8”, 10”, and 12” diameters. The new Pavo products are designed as integrated LED luminaires and are available in lengths from 1’ to 8’ standard. The Pavo family includes best-in-class design details with luminous finished lower and upper edge detail, consistent illumination from the top to the bottom of the cylinder, and steady radial illumination.

New Novato Ring Options

SPI Lighting is excited to announce the launch of our additional aesthetic options for the Novato Ring fixture. Add a metal band on the interior or exterior of your Novato Ring for an added level of personalization! The bands can be painted in over 40 color options. Metal interior and exterior bands are available on rings with diameters of 24", 36", 48", or 60". Take a closer look now!

New Product Launch - Spheres

SPI Lighting is excited to announce the launch of our new Spheres pendants. Spheres feature soft illumination that is pleasing to the eye coupled with enough performance to fulfill your energy budgets and meet your footcandle requirements. They are available in three diameters and an overall hanging height of 48 inches.